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For over 80 years we have supplied our rotary wind powered roof ventilators to bus and coach and bodybuilders, fleet operators and passenger vehicle owners across the globe.

We are the world leader in providing wind powered ventilation products for passenger vehicles.

In particular, the constant requirement for buses in to stop and start as they pull into designated bus stops followed by the doors opening and closing can lead to excessive condensation building up in certain parts of the vehicle leading to a poor travelling environment for passengers and interior surface corrosion and fabric deterioration. As a result Flettner® ventilators have been widely used on bus fleets around the world to provide draft-free forced air extraction in order to create a throughput of fresh air and reduce excessive heat.

They can also provide a cost effective alternative / compliment to air conditioning. In hot climates Flettner® Ventilators can also be used to reduce the temperature inside the vehicle when the bus or coach is stationary or parked up and the engine is switched off, thus reducing the fuel required to be used when the engine is switched on again and the air conditioning system re-engaged.

In addition, Flettner® ventilators are often fitted to provide extra ventilation to toilet compartments and galleys thus improving the travelling environment  for commuters and employees alike.

  • Simple Installation
  • Cost Effective
  • Maintenance Free
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our ventilators take only 15-30 minutes to install and are available for you to fit or at one of our approved fitting centres.

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