Flettner Ventilator Limited – Focus on horse well-being in partnership with Equi-Trek.

Flettner Ventilator Limited are delighted to announce the launch of our new strategic partnership with EQUI-TREK Ltd.

Equi-trek will now be offering the ultra-reliable Flettner 2000 ventilator to provide their customers with an additional low cost and maintenance-free ventilation option for their vehicles.

At Flettner our priority is the wellbeing of horses whenever they are being transported in a Horsebox or Horse Trailer. Our wind powered ventilators will help to remove excessive heat and improve the air quality inside the vehicle at a rate that’s only usually possible using an expensive powered solution. With over 80 years of experience in wind powered ventilation, Flettner Ventilator can help maintain a safer and less stressful environment for a horse inside a vehicle.

The quality of the air that your horse breathes in has a fundamental bearing on its overall wellbeing, and ventilation is essential during transportation. Positive ventilation, as provided by the Flettner Ventilator, will remove excess heat from the horsebox in warmer weather as well as removing any unwanted moisture, odours, ammonia and air borne spores that may have built up. The Flettner 2000 will do this all year round and with no running costs. The Flettner roof ventilator works by continuously extracting air when the vehicle is moving, and also when the vehicle is stationary subject to a light breeze. It is significantly more effective that just opening a static vent. Manufactured exclusively in the UK, Flettner ventilators come with a lifetime warranty.

Flettner 2000 on a Horse BoxPaul Wilson, Business Manager at Flettner Ventilator Limited said: “We have a long history of successfully delivering wind-powered ventilation for a range of applications. We are absolutely delighted that Equi-Trek are now able to add our Flettner 2000 solution to their portfolio of products”.

Tom Janion, Managing Director of Equi-Trek said: “The simplicity and efficiency of the Flettner 2000 is important to us and our customers. With no maintenance required and no on-going running costs I feel it’s a great option. Flettner ventilators will be available from all of our dealers”.