Van Ventilation – Fit the best, Fit a Flettner®

Van Ventilation – Fit the best, fit a Flettner®.

Concerns about the dangers in the workplace are on the increase, with legislation now extending to cover work vehicles most van owners are aware they need to provide a duty of care to their drivers and passengers, or risk prosecution.

One important area that should not be overlooked is providing adequate vehicle ventilation, especially in the cargo area which is susceptible to dramatic heat build-up, condensation and the threat of hazardous fumes from gas bottles, paint, adhesives and solvents, insulation materials or general waste.
Flettner-2000-slider2Inhalation of fumes, strong odours, high levels of dust or air-borne spores and toxins can cause respiratory problems, headaches, and tiredness, and can lead to illness. At worst, the consequences of inhaling toxic gases can be fatal.
In addition, excess heat and dampness in a vehicle can cause mould growth and interior surface rusting which can affect the long term residual value of a vehicle and spoil any goods the vehicle might carry.
The fitting of a Flettner® wind-powered rotary roof vent is undoubtedly the most cost effective way of taking away these problems. The rotating vent creates positive ventilation and a continuous exchange of air as it sucks stale air from inside the vehicle. The Flettner® ventilator replaces this with the fresh air coming through the vehicles venting systems. The Flettner® ventilator is very efficient and at 30 mph it extracts up to 60 cubic feet per minute of stale air. When the vehicle is parked, the vent still functions in a light breeze. These are results you might have only expected from an expensive powered solution.

Flettner® Ventilator Limited is a British company that has been manufacturing in the UK for over 80 years. The company continues to lead this field, promoting their product range through a network of distributors. The Flettner® ventilator is easy to install, and can be fitted in less than 30 minutes. The Flettner® vent requires no maintenance, and being entirely wind driven, requires no cabling and causes no battery drain. What’s more, the design prevents rain and dust coming in to the vehicle. The product is robustly manufactured and Flettner® Ventilator promote a lifetime warranty to support this.

One organisation that has identified the benefits of fitting a Flettner® is British Gas.

trades-slider-image“We decided to standardise on the Flettner® wind powered Ventilator. It ticked all of our boxes; it has a proven track record with regards to performance and quality, is easy to fit and comes with a lifetime warranty and importantly, it is also manufactured in the UK……..all the feedback from our staff has been positive and we are very happy with our selection of the Flettner® roof ventilator”. Said Steve Winter, Fleet Engineer, Centrica.
With retail prices starting at around £70, and with no ongoing cost it’s an inexpensive way to protect your vehicles, the goods that they carry, and the people who drive them.

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