Will my Flettner® still work when my vehicle is stationary?

These are two of the most common questions we get asked.

  • If my vehicle is stationary in a traffic jam, will my ventilator still extract?
  • When I am parked up at a set of traffic lights, will the ventilator still work?

Flettner® Ventilators are wind powered ventilators which have been designed to operate in the lightest of wind conditions (circa. 5 mph or 8 Km/h).

Manufactured only from the highest grade raw materials and to exacting manufacturing standards ‘friction’ has been minimised using the patented Flettner® design. As a result our ventilators are used extensively in applications where animals are being transported.

Flettner® 2000 fitted to the hard top canopy of a Pick up Truck

Flettner® 2000 fitted to a Horse Trailer