4 x 4 Pick-Up Ventilation   car

Pick up trucks are commonly used as ‘working vehicles’.

Flettner® Ventilators are widely installed on pick-up trucks fitted with a hard tops or canopies, especially when they are being used for animal transportation. In these circumstances the fitting of a Flettner® ventilator can have a number of very positive benefits including:-

  • They improve ventilation by removing stale air allowing fresh air to be drawn into the vehicle
  • They can extract excessive heat thus cooling the inside of the vehicle for passengers, animals or goods in transit
  • They remove moist, humid air that can lead to condensation which can cause the vehicle to be damaged by rust or corrosion and damage any goods in transit
  • They remove odours, smells and fumes making for a cleaner,  safer environment for the driver or passengers
  • They are eco-friendly and totally wind powered – subject to a 5-10mph wind they will ventilate even when the 4 x 4 is stationary

Fitment of a Flettner® is also ideal for expedition vehicles to improve interior air quality on long journeys or when it is necessary to sleep inside the vehicle.

The Flettner® roof vent works by continuously extracting air when the vehicle is moving, and also when the vehicle is stationary subject to a light breeze. It is significantly more effective that just simply opening a window and can also help to preserve the vehicle resulting to higher residual values.

  • Simple Installation
  • Cost Effective
  • Maintenance Free
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our ventilators take only 15-30 minutes to install and are available for you to fit at home or at one of our approved fitting centres.

  • Within our entire manufacturing process we only use tried and tested quality components, the same exacting standard is adhered to when recommending other products to our customers. There’s only one choice when it comes to a cost effective, maintenance free air extraction system…Flettner, used, trusted & recommended.

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