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Flettner® Ventilator is the world leader in providing wind powered emergency vehicle ventilation products.

For over 80 years we have supplied our wind powered rotary roof ventilators to converters and upfitters of Emergency vehicles.

From Ambulances to Police dog vans, emergency services throughout the world have utilised our products to improve ventilation for passengers and animals alike.

Flettner® ventilators are ideally suited for use on ambulances which for the majority of the time may be stationary, but where continuous ventilation is desirable in order to reduce the interior temperature in readiness for immediate use. Fitment will also reduce the incidence of damp bedding or damage to sensitive instrumentation due to condensation.

We all take animal well-being very seriously, especially during transportation. Flettner® ventilators are ideal for animal carrying emergency vehicles such as Police dog vans, horse boxes and pet ambulances.

The ventilation provided is continuously extracting, even in the lightest of breezes when the vehicle is stationary without any drain on the vehicle’s battery. It should be noted that in those circumstances where a vehicle is otherwise air tight, an additional air inlet such as the Flettner® Floor Vent should be fitted in order to provide a clear air path through the animal compartment.

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