Flettner TCX-GE™ Ventilator

The Flettner TCX-GE™ Ventilator is a cost effective wind powered ventilation product that can be used on buildings as part of a radon gas or other harmful gas mitigation strategy

Incorporating the integral air concentrator and an ultra-efficient centrifugal fan from the patented Flettner TCX-2™,  the Flettner TCX-GE™ not only leads the way in operational efficiency but it is also much simpler to fit than other more expensive ventilators. Designed to slot into a 100mm/4 inch pipe, with the addition of some sealant this ventilator can be fitted in less than a minute! The Flettner TCX-GE™  ventilator will work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, subject to a light breeze and with no running costs.

As you would expect from Flettner, our fastidious approach to quality is evident throughout. – from the grades and composition of the plastics used through to the choice of only the highest grades of machined stainless steel in the shaft and bearings.

Flettner’s warranty will give you full confidence and peace of mind – with a Flettner, you can fit and forget!


To order a Flettner TCX-GE™ please contact us directly.

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