RV, Motorhome and Caravan Ventilation  trailer

Flettner® Ventilator is the world leader in providing wind powered RV, Motorhome and Caravan ventilation products.

Ideal for use in RVs, Motorhomes and Caravans and other recreational vehicles. Our ventilators provide all year-round ‘free’ ventilation to combat heat, condensation, dampness and mould. As our ventilators are driven exclusively by the wind they will work when your vehicle has no access to an electrical hook up, subject to a light breeze.

A Flettner® ventilator will also remove the odours associated with cooking and toilet facilities which can build up in a confined space. Our ventilators can also provide additional peace of mind if you are carrying bottled gas or other volatile compounds.

As an added bonus, when the vehicle is parked up and not being used for long periods of time our ventilators will continue to provide ‘free’ all year round ventilation subject to a slight breeze, thus removing ‘musty’ odours and condensation that would otherwise damage fixtures and fittings.

In summary:-

  • Simple Installation
  • No Running Costs
  • Cost Effective
  • Maintenance Free
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our ventilators take only 15-30 minutes to install and are available for you to fit or at one of our approved fitting centres.

Can you afford not to fit a Flettner®?

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