Flettner® 2000™ Ventilator

The Flettner® 2000™ is firmly established as the definitive wind-powered roof ventilator.

With its time-proven design and performance, a reputation for toughness, sheer reliability and versatility, the Flettner® 2000™ roof vent is the natural choice where ventilation is required. With its enviable quality record, the Flettner® 2000™ has even been used in Antarctica by the British Antarctic Survey.

Ideal for small to medium sized vehicles, it is fitted extensively to animal transportation vehicles and trailers around the world and has been the main ventilator specified by fleet managers, converters and upfitters for many years.

Easy and quick to fit no matter what the application, the Flettner® 2000™ has an unrivalled list of endorsements from providing dependable, trouble-free ventilation in Antarctic field stations to kayak expeditions across the Tasman sea.

The Flettner® 2000™ is available in Black or White and has a lifetime warranty to give you full confidence and peace of mind.

For vehicles which have an inner lining, a Flettner® 2000™ adapter is available to bridge the gap between the outer skin and the inner lining.

Product Codes

  • Flettner® 2000 Black – I-VE-F2000-BLACK
  • Flettner® 2000 White – I-VE-F2000-WHITE


Why Utility Companies fit Flettner® Ventilators?

“Driver comfort and safety is very important to us”, said Steve Winter, British Gas, Fleet Engineer.

“In 2011 we took the decision to fit roof ventilators to our fleet of smart metering vans, we decided on the Flettner® wind powered ventilator. It ticked all of our boxes; it has a proven track record with regards to performance and quality, is easy to fit and comes with a lifetime warranty and importantly, it is also manufactured in the UK”.

“In the 4 years since we fitted the Flettner® 2000™ all the feedback from our staff has been positive and we are very happy with our selection of the Flettner® roof ventilator”.

If you manage a fleet of commercial vehicles and would like further information about our products, contact us.

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