Flettner® TCX-2™ Ventilator

The Flettner® TCX-2™  is quite simply the world’s most advanced wind-powered ventilator.

With patents and design registrations held in all key global markets, and design using state-of-the-art computational flow dynamics, the Flettner® TCX-2™  has been created to maximise rotational efficiency and torque to produce very powerful extraction rates – almost twice those of the Flettner® 2000™ making it particularly suited to being fitted to larger vehicles or buildings.

Incorporating an integral air concentrator and an ultra-efficient centrifugal fan, the Flettner® TCX-2™ not only leads the way in operational efficiency, it is also much simpler to fit than other ventilators – cutting installation times by as much as 50%. Moreover, everything is included with the ventilator – integral bolt fixing, full fitting instructions and template, gasket and shutter – Nothing more to buy, no messy adhesives and no sourcing of fixings.

As you would expect from Flettner®, our fastidious approach to quality is evident throughout. – from the grades and composition of the plastics used through to the choice of only the highest grades of machined stainless steel in the shaft and bearings. Only Flettner® provide a Lifetime Warranty to give you full confidence and peace of mind – with Flettner® – you can fit and forget!

The Flettner® TCX-2™ is available with two different roof base types, a standard base with a diameter of 145mm or 5.75″ and a narrow base with a diameter of 108mm or 4.25″. Select the narrow base version if you are intending to fit to a vehicle with a narrowly ribbed roof.

For vehicles which have an inner lining, a Flettner® TCX-2™  adapter is available to bridge the gap between the outer skin and the inner lining.

Available in Black or White.

Product Codes

  • TCX-2 Black Narrow Base – I-VE-TCX2-BLACK-NAR
  • TCX-2 Black Standard Base – I-VE-TCX2-BLACK-STD
  • TCX-2 White Narrow Base – I-VE-TCX2-WHITE-NAR
  • TCX-2 White Standard Base – I-VE-TCX2-WHITE-STD

Flettner® TCX-2™ Case Study

“I am thrilled with the positive effect the TCX-2™  roof ventilators have had on the general environment of my horse trailer, when added to the horse & tack compartment.

I have not detected an unpleasant odor in my trailer since the vents were installed! Unlike our existing roof vents, these ventilators are generally left in the open position all year- in rain, sun & snow. In our own un-scientific test, the Flettner® ventilator installed in the horse compartment roof lowered the inside temperature by 13 degrees while the trailer was being pulled on a highway in 100 degree heat.

The installation process took 10 minutes. These vents have never leaked, and I did not have to apply any extra caulking or sealant. The Flettner® TCX-2™  vents work 24 hours a day to extract heat & odor whether the trailer is moving or not, because they are powered solely by the wind. Even a small breeze is enough to keep them working all the time!

In my opinion, everyone hauling animals in a trailer should consider installing these roof ventilators”.

Debbie Stice, Owner, Trail Pals Horse Trailer Accessory Store


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