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Flettner® ventilators can be fitted to vans which are regularly used for dog transportation to improve air flow and ventilation. With over 80 years of experience we can help maintain a safer and less stressful environment for your dog inside the van.

At Flettner® our priority is the well being of dogs whenever they are being transported. We have a long heritage in providing ventilation solutions for vehicles which transport animals. As a result our customers include Animal Charities, Veterinary Practices, Dog walking businesses and Dog owners.

Positive ventilation, as provided by the Flettner® ventilator, will remove excess heat in warmer weather drawing in fresh, cool air from outside the vehicle as well as removing moisture, odours and airborne spores that may have built up – all year round and with no running costs!

The Flettner® roof vent works by continuously extracting air when the van is moving, and also when the van is stationary subject to a light breeze. It is significantly more effective than just simply opening a window and can also help to preserve the vehicle resulting in higher residual resale values.

  • Simple Installation
  • Cost Effective
  • Maintenance Free
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our ventilators have been designed to fit to vans and pick up trucks with hard canopies. For advice on the most appropriate ventilator for your vehicle utilise our ‘Which Flettner®‘ feature.

Our ventilators take only 15-30 minutes to install and are available for you to fit at home or at one of our approved centres.

  • “We use Flettner® Ventilators on all of our dog vans! As soon as the ventilators were fitted we noticed an immediate drop in temperate and increased airflow – something very important during the hot days of summer for our dogs. Humidity and odours have also been eliminated, allowing the dogs to travel in comfort.”

    Warren, Premier Dog Walkers


    “ had the Flettner® Ventilator fitted in June of this year and it has been great. I noticed a significant change in temperature and airflow once we had it installed which was very important for us during the hot summer.

    Joe Thomason, Founder of Green Dog Walking

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