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Pigeon loft ventilation is vital to ensure your birds are housed in a fresh and healthy environment. As a result our ventilators are increasingly being used by Pigeon fanciers around the world to improve ventilation of both lofts and transport vehicles.

The Flettner® Ventilator is wind powered and fitted on top of the vehicle or loft.  Our ventilators will ensure waste gases such as carbon dioxide (exhaled by pigeons) and ammonia (from the pigeon’s droppings) are prevented from building up and are extracted through the roof whilst drawing in fresh air from the outside at the same time. This will set up a steady, draft free, flow of fresh air.

Designed to rotate and therefore extract in the lightest of winds (circa 5 mph), our ventilators are ideal where an electrical hook up is either not practical or present. As a result our ventilators have no running costs, are totally maintenance free and can be fitted in as little as 30 minutes.

An internal shutter even allows you to regulate the air flow so you can extract as much or as little of the air inside the loft as you want at different times of the year depending on weather conditions.

We recommend the Flettner® TCX-2 or TCX-GE ventilator for Pigeon lofts. These powerful ventilators offer the latest in patented wind powered ventilation technology.

  • Ernie Sellers, a recent customer of Flettner® states ” I have searched for several years for suitable vents for my Pigeon loft as I feel it is vital for the well being of my birds especially in the breeding season, so I was delighted when I saw your advert in Homing World.

    I have installed twin TCX-2’s in my loft without any difficulty after just placing them ‘in situ’ for a few days to enable the birds to get used to them. As you can see from the photograph the birds have completely accepted them. The loft is fresher, and airy, and considering the season, the birds fly for longer periods than usual when I let them out for exercise”.

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