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Flettner® Ventilator is the world leader in providing wind powered portable building ventilation products.

Portable buildings come in all shape and sizes and are used for a broad range of applications including offices, lavatories, shower blocks, canteens and store rooms.

In some instances, portable buildings are sited far from an electrical hook up such as lavatories at festivals, hazardous chemical stores or rest rooms on road works. They may also stay in storage for weeks at a time in between hire periods without any heating and be exposed to the elements.

As a result one thing they all have in common is that they can quickly deteriorate if moisture laden air is allowed to condense on unheated surfaces causing damage to the building fabric and structure. Combine this with the need to remove excessive heat, fumes and odours from buildings storing volatile chemicals or being used as rest or shower rooms and you have a compelling argument for positive ventilation.

The Flettner® wind powered ventilator is the ideal solution for portable buildings and is an eco-friendly, low cost means of ventilation. Our ventilators offer a maintenance free, year round solution and are ideal where mains electrical power is either not available or recommended due to safety considerations.

Available with a range of fittings our ventilators can be attached to a 110mm soil pipe or fitted directly on to the roofs of buildings depending upon their structure. For advice on the right Flettner® ventilator for your requirements please contact one of our customer service representatives on 01908 698901 or at sales@www.flettner.co.uk

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