Flettner® Roof Vents Perform Well in Hot Conditions

Check out the following testimonial from one of our customers from Arizona, USA: “This is the best ventilator device on the market by far. It is super environmentally friendly. It uses no energy at all besides what nature and the laws of physics have provided to all of us.

The design and functionality are amazing and super effective. I love the European look. It is clean and not bulky. In fact, it looks cool (like a telecommunication satellite that is constantly spinning by itself).

The instructions and installation are super easy, anybody could follow them and install the ventilator by themselves.

Customer service and warranty service are the best I have encountered so far. I sent my warranty service request to the wrong department (sales) and Mr. Lawrence was kind enough to help me and take care of what I needed within a day (not a week, not a month) without any questions beside asking me which model and what parts I need. Am I going to buy this product again? Absolutely YES.

Trust me mate, I live in Arizona USA. On average for 9 months out of year the temperature here is 100F to 115F degrees. We don’t call it the Desert state for nothing. If the heat doesn’t kill you then the sun will beat you down. So far this ventilator has made my cargo van so comfortable and it is 10-15F degrees cooler inside the van with the ventilator than with out.”